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Executive Club Business Opportunity

This Business Opportunity is a genuine great opportunity. This is in addition to all the discounts and social activities that we will be organizing for you.

It has been designed to cover your costs and make a couple of pounds when you have got your first four members signed up. We suggest that you approach four people that are highly self motivated positive people and or sales based as they are basically going to earn commission for you.

As you can see in the diagram below the first four people are key for you. Each one paying you a commission of 30 per month per person, 120 total to you.

The second row 16 members will earn you 10 each member, commission 160 for the row to you, Total commission to you is 280 at this stage.

The third row 64 members will also earn you 10 each member, commission 640 for the row to you, Total commission to you is 920 at this stage.

The fourth row 256 members will also earn you a further 10 each member, commission 2560 for the row. Total Commission to you is 3480 per month.

This same system applies to everyone else that signs up as a member giving them the same opportunity as you have had.

You will find that some people are really good and find it easy to get members and people will start dropping in underneath you, you will still earn the commission even though you did not join them yourself.

So if you are serious for a membership fee of 100 per month can earn you up to 3480 per month. There is no reason if you are really serious why you can not take up the first two rows yourself costing you 500 per month, but potentially earning you 17400 back per month.

All membership fees will be paid on the 1st of each month by a standing order. On the 15th of each month we will pay out your commission. Commission is only paid out on fully paid up to date members.

Contact us today for further information.

For a detailed diagram of how this works please click on the image below:

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19 October 2018